Kellea has worked as a consultant and strategist for many feminist and social justice organizations around the world. She is also the author of numerous reports and articles related to feminist movements, philanthropy, and the tools needed to resource movements in meaningful and sustained ways.

Past Clients

Academic Work

Miller, Kellea. 2019. Development Funding and the occlusion of feminist funding expertiseEuropean Journal of Politics and Gender, Volume 2, Number 1, February 2019, pp. 57-74(18).

Miller, Kellea. 2012. Multi-donor Trust Funds at the United Nations: Transforming Development Aid or Business as Usual? Reconsidering Development. 1(2).


Ingulfsen, Inga, Kellea Miller, and Rachel Thomas. 2021. Advancing Human Rights: Annual Review of Global Foundation Grantmaking –  2018 Key Findings. Human Rights Funders Network.

Staszewka, Kasia, Kellea Miller, and Esther Lever. Moving More Money to the Drivers of Change: How Bilateral and Multilateral Funders Can Resource Feminist Movements. Count Me In! Consortium. AWID.

Miller, Kellea and Kasia Staszewka. 2020. High Hopes & High Expectations: Feminist Movement Recommendations to the Equality Fund. AWID.

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Articles & Analysis

Abbas, Hakima and Kellea Miller. 2021. The Dire State of Funding for Black Feminist Movements – and what funders can do about it. Inside Philanthropy.

Enríquez, Ana María and Kellea Miller. 2021. Mapping funding for racial justice: a political imperative. Candid.

Miller, Kellea. 2020. Can Internationalism Survive Covid? OpenDemocracy.

Miller, Kellea. 2020. What Does Resourcing for Social Movements Look Like When The Entire Ecosystem Is Under Threat? HRFN Community Voices.

Miller, Kellea. 2019. Shifting the power in a feminist funding ecosystem. Alliance Magazine. Special Issue: Feminist Philanthropy. 24(4).

Dolker, T., K. Miller, and K. Staszewka. 2019. Only 1% of gender equality funding is going to women’s organisations – why? The Guardian.

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Susan Jessop and Kellea Miller. 2017. Our voices are strong: why self-led activism works. Alliance Magazine.

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Miller, Kellea. August 2007. “Celebrations of Victory and Sorrow: Women’s Rights in Nepal.” Raising Our Voices. Global Fund for Women.

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