Highlights from Kellea’s professional and academic research and analysis. Research interests: women’s rights movements, economic change and development, development financing, gender equality discourse.

Select Publications

Astraea Nepal Case Study CoverKnight, Kyle with Kellea Miller. 2015. Bridges to Justice: Case Study of LGBTI Rights in Nepal. Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.

Miller, Kellea. 2012. “‘Multi-donor Trust Funds at the United Nations: Transforming Development Aid or Business as Usual?” Reconsidering Development. 1(2).

RP_Summer12_Cover-SmallMiller, Kellea, Caitlin Stanton, and Esther Lever. 2012. “5 Principles of Global Feminist Philanthropy.” Responsive Philanthropy. Summer 2012.

Miller, Kellea. 2012. Gender Analysis Toolkit. Oxam America. 22 pp.

Miller, K. and J. Silliman. 2010. “Global Grantmaking for Gender Equality: Review of the Fund for Gender Equality’s Inaugural Grantmaking Cycle 2009-2010.” Fund for Gender Equality Steering Committee Report. UN Women. December 2010.Global Fund for Women logo

Miller, Kellea. August 2007. “Celebrations of Victory and Sorrow: Women’s Rights in Nepal.” Raising Our Voices. Global Fund for Women.

Research Training

Academic training: Stanford University – B.A., dual degree, Public Policy & Feminist Studies; UW-Madison – M.S. Sociology; UW-Madison – PhD Sociology with a minor in Gender & Women’s Studies in progress, major advisor Dr. Myra Marx Ferree.

Research assistant to Vice Provost for Diversity & Climate, Dr. Damon Williams (2008-2009, 2011-2012), UW-Madison. Publication: Damon A. Williams. 2013. Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education.

Qualitative content analyst (2005-2006), Anne Firth Murray, Stanford University & the Global Fund for Women. Publication: Firth Murray, A. 2008. From Outrage to Courage: Women Taking Action for Health and Justice.

Quantitative analyst, SPSS, (2004-2005), Dr. Estelle Freedman, Stanford University, History & Feminist Studies. Publication: Freedman, E. 2011. “Crimes which startle and horrify”: Gender, Age, and the Racialization of Sexual Violence in White American Newspapers, 1870-1900.” Journal of the History of Sexuality. 20(3) 465-497.

Training Certification (2007), CREA’s Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practice.

Select Presentations

“Pinkwashing: Politicizing Breast Cancer Awareness.” University of South California. Los Angeles, CA. 10/13.

Rao, Aruna, Brooke Ackerly, Kellea Miller, & Caitlin Stanton. “Rights-Based Evaluation for Social Change Work: a skill and strategy building session led by feminists reclaiming evaluation.” Forum for the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID). 19-22 April. 2012. Istanbul, Turkey.

“The Cost of NGOization: Regional Differences in Access to Development Aid for Women’s Movements.” Presentation. University of Wisconsin – Madison. Gender Research Training Colloquium. Madison, WI. 3/08/12.

“Funding Feminism: Framing Gender Equality, Constructing ‘Women,’ & Defining Capacity in Global Grantmaking Competitions.” Sociologists for Women in Society. 2-5 Feb. 2012. St. Petersburg, FL.

“Myths & Methodologies: Examining Gender Equality in Global Grantmaking Discourse.” Presentation. University of Wisconsin – Madison. Gender Research Training Colloquium. Madison, WI. 12/06/11.

“Feminist Action & Global Women’s Movements.” Beloit College. Feminist Studies Seminar. Beloit, WI. 12/2/11.

“Making the Case: External Representation vs. Internal Practices in Feminist Funding and Fund-seeking.” Presentation. University of Wisconsin – Madison. Gender Research Training Colloquium. Madison, WI. 4/23/09.

“How Do We Fund Feminist Movements? A Rights-Based Approach to International Philanthropy.” Lecture. San Francisco State University. Globalization and Women – undergraduate course. San Francisco, CA. 2/14/08.

Miller. K and Yacoobi, S.  “Education, Activism and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan.” Global Fund for Women Donor Conference Call. San Francisco, CA. 11/20/07.

“A Rights Approach to Human Trafficking.” Lecture. University of San Francisco. Gender and Development – graduate course. San Francisco, CA. 9/8/07.

“Ms. Educated? A Forum on Feminist Culture.” Workshop. Academy of Arts. San Francisco, CA. 11/19/06.


American Sociological Association; Sections: Human Rights; Sexuality & Gender; Global/Transnational Sociology

Sociologists for Women in Society